Monday, September 26, 2005

Dad Arrested trying to find out what the school will teach in kindergarten

While the trial of a Massachusetts parent arrested while attempting to secure a promise from school officials to notify parents before teaching about homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class has been postponed until next month, the school district is taking a hard line against such notification.

Not only are schools NOT going to tell you what they are teaching your children and will arrest you if you try to find out.

So much for fostering parental participation.

So many of the teachers that I have met complain about a lack of parental participation, but for so long it has been once a year optional Parent Teacher meetings, that is is obvious that teachers don't really care about the parents.

Schools are scared of parents homeschooling, but if you have ever helped you children with homework, you have homeschooled. So what are they really afraid of? The lose of government funds. But will we ever see that money come back from our taxes, of course not.


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