Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Too much homework

I just wonder if the public schools are not running up against the Law of Reverse Effect (the harder your try the worse you get), They have cut music and arts programs, even recess sometimes, and reduced time for lunch. All with pilling on the homework, and what do we still graduate, people who can still barely read and write, and need a calculator to make change.

I used to do my homework during lunch period, I was in a big enough school that there were three lunch periods you could be assigned to, to be able to fit everyone in. I rarely had to take homework home, but that was okay since I would use most of that time to read. Mom worked so hard to get me to read eventually finding comic books worked. but it backfired when I would get so engrossed by a book that I couldn't hear her calling me for dinner.

There needs to be down time, time for play, thinking or whatever your children need to process all the information they learn at school.

That is another problem with public school, there is no let up. Children love to learn but public school can be like drinking from a firehose, it fun for the first little bit but soon it is too much and you have to get away for a while.


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