Monday, June 20, 2005

What does it mean to be literate?

I have run across too many people lately that can't even read faster then they can talk. They are still like second graders who have to sound out every letter to say a word.

To really be literate is to have the ability to read faster then you can talk. Most people can talk at only 150 words per minute.

When I was in college average reading speed was about 400 word per minute. When I hear some of the college kids in Sunday School reading out loud, they are speaking much slower then they can talk, It should not be like this.

All it takes is giving kids something interesting to read. Even if it is comic books. My wonderful mother, got me all kinds of comic books to read every week when we went shopping so I would read something. And it worked. over time I got bored of the comic books and got into real books, I can read at two thousand (2000) words per minute.

Anyone can do it given something interesting, to them, to read and practice.


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