Thursday, July 21, 2005

Harry Potter was never alone

''For me, this book is all about trust," says Hilla Rogel, 15, of Brookline. ''Who can you trust? Are my parents sometimes wrong? Can you depend on anyone besides yourself?"
''After I finished, I lay awake and went over and over it in my head until morning," says Eli Dreyfus, 14, of Newton. ''My life is parallel to Harry Potter's. It made me feel really vulnerable. What would I do [in similar situations]? Am I ultimately alone, too?"

We are never truly alone.

Something that is missed is that Harry has never really been alone, the story is from his point of view and he doesn't always see it, but one of his great strengths is that he is not alone. Harry has many friends that are helping him all the time even if he can't see it.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is not about trust it is about friends vs henchmen. Voldemort has henchmen, a bunch of people that does what he says only out of fear or greed and if things look bad then they will leave him, again. On the other hand Harry has friends, sure they have rough patches but they stick together and trust each other to be there for them and they are.

Are parents wrong sometimes? Of course we are. We are mortal, we make mistakes, that is the whole point of being on this world, to try to do the right things and if we choose wrong, to learn from our mistakes and do it right next time.

Voldemort wants to be independent and rely only on himself, he is a fool. We are all dependent on each other, I doubt that Voldemort cooks the food he grew himself, or sewed his own clothes from thread he spun himself, or built his own house out of trees he feel himself. He doesn't see it as dependence but it is.

You cannot rely only on yourself. No one is that strong, that is Voldemorts greatest weakness, he is actually alone even while surrounded by his "faithful" Death Eaters. Like Saddam, who had a massive army which scattered to the wind when we invaded. Their fear of us was greater then their fear of him and he ended up alone, hiding in a small, dirty hole in the ground. Voldemort will also end up alone again, but Harry will have his friends with him, even if they are somewhere else, and that will make all the difference in the world.

We still have our families and they care for us more then anything in the world. Sure there are times when we get on each others nerves, and make bad choices because we feel it will hurt them, just like Ron and Hermione did, but love is stronger then pettiness and so we should never feel alone, even if our family is not around us right at this moment, we can go to them at anytime and we will find love.

The bonds of a family, particularly an eternal family, are far stronger then steel, diamond or ceramic.

We are never really alone.


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