Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tom Lehrer Math Songs

One of the most potent tools you can have to help your child's learning is to set the lesson or parts of it to music. It will make it up to 300 times easier to remember then just listening to something.

For example we got the Schoolhouse Rock! DVD and though my wife and I had not seen them in 15 years we could still sing along with almost all of them, it was actually kinda scary how much we remembered.

Or how about old camp songs you sung around the campfire as a kid that you can still sing with just a little prompting.

The first time I remember hearing a Tom Lehrer song was in Chemistry class were we heard a recording of him singing all the elements in the Periodic Table, but that really wasn't the first time, he did several songs for the old children's TV show The Electric Company.

The link above goes to a video at the Internet Archive of him singing his math songs. By singing along with him your children will remember the information 300 times better since it is using both sides of the brain and that is a great thing.

His complete works can be had at Amazon.


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