Monday, June 27, 2005

Great books

I heard a statistic yesterday in Sunday School that ties in with this just perfectly.

80% of college graduates will never again in their lives read a book front to back after they leave school.

That was amazing but I believe it. Most professional organizations mandate continuing education for their members because about 80% of their members wouldn't bother to learn anything new if they didn't.

Now there is The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection at Amazon is just amazing. You might need a rich uncle to pay for it at just under $8,000 :) but you do get 1,083 volumes of some of the great books of the world. While there appear to be a few duplications, this is a great jumpstart for a library.

At the very least get the list and build it over time. And many of them are available at Project Gutenberg as well, if you want them free. We have about 7,000 books in our library and I still want this. But I may just buy these over time at used books stores.


Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said...

Great share on this great idea: a library of books by one publisher. Slightly different, yet the same, as how they're packaging up movie sequels, TV shows, and how they've always packaged greatest hits by music artists. Thanks so much for sharing!

08 July, 2005 18:36  

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