Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Our little cook

My wife was called on Friday and asked if she could fill in a lesson for Home, Family and Personal Enrichment for Tuesday, and she decide to make a video of how to bake bread. We spent about 6 hours filming on Monday, and then I edited it together in a couple of hours on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night she took the video and resulting bread to the meeting and she got lots of compliments on it.

I used iMovie 2 an ancient version, I think Apple's latest version is 5. And we did most of it in one or two shots and it turned out pretty good, though the sound got messed up in a few places. It was amazingly easy to edit but it was exhausting to film. I learned a lot about film making from doing this, I have done training videos before, just filmed lectures, but this was much different because of all the props and actions.

When we do something like this again, and there will be a next time, there always is, we will need a proper script with storyboards and make two or three batches so we can get several shots to cut together and do some voice over work as well.

The best thing is that our daughter wants to be like mommy and wants to have flour and bowls and measuring spoons to use. So we have given her some but we gave her some old milk powered which cleans up a bit easier for us then flour and she is having a ball. Measuring her "flour" from bag to bowl to pie pan.

She is just great and we love her.


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