Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

One of the biggest problems that I have seen from the news reports about relief efforts on the Gulf Coast has been that all the reporters were at the center of the devastation at New Orleans, which just happened to be the furthest point from help. It of course will take the longest to get there since it looks like they had to clear the trees off of the road first.

I remember the effects of Hurricane Gloria back in New York, many trees were dropped in some areas and that slowed relief operations to a crawl, as two guys with chainsaws and a towtruck cut through the trees and dragged them out of the way. That can take half an hour per tree. How many trees are along the side of the road between you and the nearest Interstate or supermarket or church?

Our local church is organizing an effort to make Hygiene Kits to replenish the supply depleted by Katrina. Just a few per family, but with over hundreds and thousands of families that makes a big difference.


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