Thursday, August 25, 2005

dis-Integrated Math

Ray Bolton of Prairie du Sac addressed the board as the group's spokesperson. He said they had serious concerns about the Integrated Math program currently in use because students who have gone through the program do not do well in ACT tests in math, nor do they do well in college placement tests.
He [Parent David Lendved] said students in the program for four years must take remedial, non credit college courses to get up to speed.

A student said they are placed in groups and are supposed to help each other. But not all students want to work.
Another parent said she began investigating by speaking to the math chairman at UW Whitewater and he was not familiar with Integrated Math. She said she wanted to have a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the program.
One parent said she helps in a third grade classroom every day and she cannot help with the math. She said she is concerned because the children do not know basic facts. She said she will be doing a supplemental program with her child.
A recent graduate of the district said three of her classmates not in the Integrated Math program went on to become math majors and one is in pre-med. She said she was in the program and had to take remedial math .

This is just truly sad.
Somehow they have created an advanced math curriculum that makes you dumber then if you don't take it.

Math only has a few basic concepts to learn it just isn't all that hard to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Even adding powers and roots and generalizing to algebra it just isn't all that hard to do.

What is happening to our schools?
Why are people proud to be be bad at math?


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