Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good genes beat good homes as guide to pupils%u2019 school success - Sunday Times - Times Online

Good genes beat good homes as guide to pupils%u2019 school success - Sunday Times - Times Online: "But the new study, to be published in the Royal Economic Society%u2019s Economic Journal, will argue that while income and home environment account for about 25% of educational attainment, inherited intelligence is responsible for the rest.
“Children of higher income parents probably do well in school because they inherit superior genes, not because they can afford to buy their children a better education,” said Vijverberg."

These PhDiots are so very wrong in their conclusions. Their data is probably not too far from the mark but their conclusions are so far off the mark it isn't even funny. And their recommendations will wreck even more students.

There are a couple of articles also out today that do a pretty good job of destroying their conclusions.

Is income a big factor in achievement? No, it isn't. The Army is finding that urban schools, which tend to get a larger fraction of money compared to rural schools, produce potential recruits that are far less well educated then rural schools.

The big issue I have is the genetic issue they bring up. They are so wrong it is astounding. But they do end up using the right words.
Inherited intelligence is the right word but its not passed down via DNA, like some kind of Gou'old racial memory but by concerned parents teaching their children at home.

That link goes to a NYTimes story about the battle parents are having with the math department in Penfield NY. The parents are engineers and scientists that are noticing that their children can't do basic math at all. Things like change from a $20 for a fast food meal.

So they do the only thing that makes sense: they are teaching their own children themselves.

Homeschooling doesn't have to mean that your children stay at home all day. An hour or two at night spent on what's important are all your have to have to make your child successful in life. A solid foundation in english and math will let your children learn anything they want from books and the internet.


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