Monday, December 19, 2005

What is the point of homeschooling your children?

Why do you bother to homeschooling your children?
Why is it important to you?
What does homeschooling success look like?

Remember grandma recommending you study hard and become a doctor or lawyer, so you would be successful.
What does successful mean in this or any other case?

You need to choose what you want your child to be when they grow up, unfortunately we choose wrong most of the time. How many majors or even careers did you go through before right now?

Our daughter is only three but I am already making decisions about what she will learn in the long run. Some lessons we believe she needs to have. I want her to have a deep understanding of technology, and also people. But those are easy things to deal with, give her a computer and a playgroup but then there are lessons in things that haven't happened yet.

There are lessons that I think she will need that I am not even sure how to teach because it isn't here yet. We live in an Information Age, and it is vastly different from all other Ages. If I give you or sell you an information product I don't lose anything by having done that. I still have the information and now so do you. It requires a mindset of abundance that no economist has done anything with, they all study scarcity.

I know that she will need to learn many things by experience, which only comes just after you need it.

I want her to know how nature works by going out into it and seeing and feeling and smelling it. Going to farms and seeing how they work, and factories too. Visiting other cultures if only by having ethnic parties, though I hope and plan for more. Going behind the scenes as much as possible to see how things really work it important to me. I remember the visit we made to a newspaper and the giant presses and all the work that goes into laying out a newspaper and it happens everyday.

I want to maximize her freedom, so I have to restrict her in some ways. The 10 Commandments aren't chains to hold us down but wings to let us fly. There is no need to learn things wrong before doing them right, only is we don't know better.

Something I do want her to do is make more mistakes and to do them young, like starting a business. I want her to have started 3-4 businesses before she goes to college. That is a experience I wish I had long ago. That would give her a better understanding of how business works.

What experiences are you planning to give your children?


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