Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Photography for the unprofessional

Wired Cola: "So there's my basic theory of digital photography: the first camera an amateur digital photographer buys should be one small enough to carry everywhere, whatever that means for you. I think other considerations come after that."

Art is a strong part of what I want my children to learn. Not just the history of great art but the creation of it. I came to appreciate musicians more once I started to learn how to sing and play the trumpet. One of the easiest art forms to start learn on is photography.

The marginal cost of taking a digital photo is for all practical purposes $0.00. That makes his second point a major one:

Instant feedback = instant learning.

I learned more about how to take better pictures in the first hour with my digital camera then all the time I spent with a film camera. It would be days if not weeks before we saw the end results of our shutter snaps. His first point is actually a corollary of this the more you learn the more you want to learn.

His third point is also important and has been said many ways by many people. The version I like best is,

"The best camera to have is the one you have with you."

A smaller camera that you can have with your all the time is better then a big clunky one you'll leave at home all the time. I like the Canon SDxxx series, small with a good lens. I would go for the one with the largest megapixels count since that will allow you to crop more, and more clearly then a smaller megapixel count sensor.


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