Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not Homeschooling? What's Your Excuse? - Guest

Not Homeschooling? What's Your Excuse? - Guest: "We have to understand that government schools in the U.S. were created to dull children%u2019s potential. Yes, read that part again%u2014government schools were never about truly educating your child; they were and are about creating happy workers and taxpayers, people unafraid to challenge the status quo and unable to read and think for themselves."

If you want your children to reach they're full potential you are going to have to teach them yourself. Heck, you'll have to learn how to do that yourself. The vast majority of people have been taught to be content "going with the flow," but they never look to see where the stream is going. Large organizations tend to look out for their own best interests not for yours.

You have the freedom to make choices that is the foundational difference between us and the animals. The earth was created by God to allow us to use our ability to make choices to see if we would follow His commandments and gain the resultant joy.

Public schools teach us to listen to teacher and let them take care of you. That is not the best choice of us or our children, but have we ever even questioned that? Few people do. Socrates said that the unexamined life isn't worth living and he was killed because he questioned everything.

We rarely die for questions these days but do we really live if we don't ask them?


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