Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let's be 1/3rd literate

Beep. It's from Hamlet. 2B? NT2B?=??? - Yahoo! News: "'We are confident that our version of 'text' books will
genuinely help thousands of students remember key plots and
quotes, and raise up educational standards rather than decrease
levels of literacy,' the company, Dot Mobile, said in a press

Great they are translating Hamlet and others into l33t sp43k and so the destruction of our children continues.

Writing hasn't been all that great in school for a long time. Look at everyone who has problems with spelling if they don't have a spell checker.

Reading hasn't been doing to well, if you don't learn it at home you certainly won't learn it in school. Now with IM speak going mainstream we can see that reading is divebombing as well.

Even speaking is turning into a lost art, and I am not talking about speaking in public but just speaking out loud is turning in jargonese. but it is now being encouraged in schools.

You don't need to take you children out of school to homeschool, just teach then the right way to speak and spell and write and calculate at home after school and they will soon be able to learn whatever they want from books and that gives then a big leg up compared to everyone else.


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