Monday, December 05, 2005

Wired News: Pop Goes the Science Song

Wired News: Pop Goes the Science Song: "But, when he feels like livening up his biology classes, University of Washington lecturer Greg Crowther bursts into song to the melody of 'Sugar Sugar,' the bubble-gum '60s tune. 'Glucose, ah sugar sugar,' he sings. 'You are my favorite fuel from the bloodborne substrate pool / Glucose -- monosaccharide sugar -- you're sweeter than a woman's kiss / 'cause I need you for glycolysis.'"

These are some good learning songs. We really don't have enough of them. It is 100 times easier to learn something if you have a melody to help prompt your memory. We all use the ABC song to remember where things are in alphabetical order. And the there are the songs from Schoolhouse Rock that are so sticky as well.

These are well worth adding to your curriculum to help your children.


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