Saturday, November 26, 2005 | E-learning | John Davitt: Get an iLife ... | E-learning | John Davitt: Get an iLife ... : "Last summer the school dedicated one week to an integrated media project. At the end of the term it held an 'iLife creativity week' involving all pupils from years 7 to 10. After an initial training day on how to use the various applications, the pupils were split into small groups to produce either an advert for a new product or an original music track and video."

It is good to see a school allowing students to be creators of content and not just consumers of content.

There is a lot of power in Apple's iLife, from editing movies and creating music and editing photographs. An inexpensive Mac mini is a great educational tool.

The best thing it even comes with Grapher a calculator that graphs functions for you. That makes a lot of intermediate math like algebra much easier to understand, since it is all about generalized arithmetic and all possible solutions.


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