Monday, September 05, 2005

Collages for pre-calculus class

My niece started her junior year at a highly rated California high school. For her honors pre-calculus class, she was assigned to do a collage about herself. My sister thinks 11th grade is time enough to stop doing time-wasting -- and mathless -- art projects. "It's a math class!" she said. "Why aren't they doing math?"

The teachers of today sure are working hard at getting these students ready for the modern world of tomorrow.

This is just nuts. While art is a fundamental language to learn, it is inappropriate to math class and is stealing the future of these students. I know there are good math teachers out there. One of my friends was teaching at the local high school, a former engineer was just "not renewed" for this year so he is looking for work again. Now I know what they replaced him with. 20 years ago most of the math teachers in my school also coached one of the sports teams I think that was a good idea, but now sports are almost all gone.

Wherever your precious children are schooled make sure they learn to English and Math. If you don't, it doesn't look like anyone else will.


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