Monday, September 05, 2005

How seriously do you take education?

Up to 80 per cent of schoolgirls in Liberia's capital are selling sex to pay for an education they see as their only escape from poverty, an international charity says.

This is a terrible thing that they feel that they have to do, my spirit cries for them.

These girls do understand one thing very well, if they have a good education, they can get out of there, if they survive.

It is quite literally the difference between scratching out an existence in utter poverty or getting out of there. While the contrast is not so strong yet, here in the US, you don't want to get locked in a dead-end job at the low-end flipping burgers or stocking at the supermarket. Once you have an apartment to live in, and utilities to make living in the apartment worthwhile and a car to get around in, your looking at about $1500/month not even counting startup costs of security deposits and the like which would cost at least another $1500.

There is a lot to be said for having an education. A good job, a good home, a good car, the ability to leave a town threatened by natural disaster, having extra supplies for emergencies. A choice, freedom.

The future of work will be constant, fast-moving change, already the average person changes careers 4 times in their lives, or about every 7 years. It will only get faster.

How serious are you about your children's education?


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