Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our Colleges and Universities seem to have a problem...

University presidents have lost their dignity.
Where the Boys Aren't
Where Have All the Young Men Gone?
Correcting the gender imbalance problem.

The problem is that for every 135 female students who graduate, only 100 male student graduate.

Is this a problem? Maybe, there are still an awful lot of guys in the science and engineering fields, but everywhere else; forget it. Some of the commentary on fixing the "problem" is rather enlightening.

Do I think this is a problem? I don't think so. I think too often that a degree is used as a test to see if you have the patience and organization to deal with a lot of stuff not all of which is good or useful. Instead of being able to give applicants tests to see if they can do the work, which is illegal in most states, Companies just have to require a degree of some kind that does the same thing but costs the applicant far more.

I see plenty of people getting good jobs without the need or cost of a degree, they just find the people that need their talents and talk to them. Otherwise called networking.


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