Monday, October 03, 2005

Ending the Left's Death Grip on Higher Education

: "The Left%u2019s
domination of American higher education, from humble community
colleges to Ivy League universities, has been repeatedly and convincingly
demonstrated for nearly two decades. The irrefutable evidence
of this domination includes the overwhelming imbalance of Democrats
versus Republicans on college faculties and administrations; the
corresponding rise of major universities (e.g., Harvard and Berkeley)
as the leading donors for Democratic Party candidates; the pervasiveness
of %u201Ccritical%u201D pedagogical approaches that emphasize %u201Cinequality%u201D
and %u201Coppression%u201D based on race, sex, class, and sexuality; the
denial of objective, universal standards of meaning and logic
under the guise of %u201Cdeconstructionism%u201D; harassment of conservative
students and organizations; and rampant political correctness.
The result, as Allan Bloom, David Horowitz, and others have argued,
is the ongoing transformation of the college experience into the
main front of the radical political assault on American society

Whether an "enclave" or "parallel" system is created is not the big things, homeschoolers are doing this already. Unless you are in a hard science or engineering field the diploma seems little more then a card that says, "Yes, I can read & write and can survive sitting in endless meetings."


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