Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is a computer good for you child?

That is a good question. From my point of view it is just a tool (the article goes into that), sometimes you have to get the children out from in front of the monitor and get them out into the world playing, practicing and doing stuff.

There is no damage in telling your children to "Go outside and play." it is also exercise or any number of activities to help them learn how others think and live.

When I was a child my parents took me on a trip around the world. We met people from all walks of life from executives in thousand dollar suits to peasants scratching in the dirt with sticks. It was amazing and eye opening to see the contrast, and a computer will help you see those things without leaving home, the impact may not be as great but it is still there.

You can't let the computer do the work for the child but it can help them learn the work. You are the parent be in charge don't let something else take over.

Orion > Orion Magazine > September | October 2005 > Lowell Monke > Charlotte's Webpage: "'There have been no advances over the past decade that can be confidently attributed to broader access to computers,' said Stanford University professor of education Larry Cuban in 2001, summarizing the existing research on educational computing. 'The link between test-score improvements and computer availability and use is even more contested.' Part of the problem, Cuban pointed out, is that many computers simply go unused in the classroom. But more recent research, including a University of Munich study of 174,000 students in thirty-one countries, indicates that students who frequently use computers perform worse academically than those who use them rarely or not at all. "


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