Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where is our education system going? Looking to Asia.

The Korea Times : Deplorable Education System
: "The majority of the high school student population in Korea spends every moment of their time studying, all of them with hopes of getting into one of the top three universities in Korea: Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Korea University. However, in reality, only a limited number of students out of the total population of 600,000 are accepted to one of these three each year. News of several students committing suicide after exams has become a yearly phenomenon."

Is our education system heading this way? It might be. Tests are getting to be a stronger and stronger influence on our children. There are plenty of stories of parents stressing their children just to get into the "right" preschool.
With this kind of educational program you would think Korea would be top of the world, they seem to be generating lots of intelligent people. But I don't think they are getting smart people. People who can understand and take risks and do some great new thing. Sadly, after all that work, all they seem to have are carbon-based robots.


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