Friday, December 23, 2005

Are you preparing your children for a jobless society?

In the 1950's it was expected to have not only a single career but a single job for an entire lifetime.

Now we change jobs every couple of years and change careers 3-4 times.

Employers and employees have been complaining about lack of loyalty for ages, and it doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. The rate of change is accelerating. Jobs come and go. Entire departments, even whole industries can become obsolete overnight and disappear into the ether.

How are you creating your child's future? Will they be flexible enough to deal with what might be thrown at them?

While I was listening to a teleconference, where they were talking about balance, I realized that balance is not something that is important, we need to be balanced over time but we need not be balanced today. Something that drives us crazy is that our daughter will sometimes only eat salt and pepper, rather then worrying about it, we need to change our timeline, rather then every meal being perfectly balanced, we offer her good food that she'll eat over a day or two and it mostly works.

We can look at ourselves as made up of 4 parts:
Spirit, our essence, our personality, the child of our Heavenly Father within us.
Body, the container that holds our spirit.
Mind, our experience and knowledge.
Heart, our passion and emotions.

We cannot be at balance with all of these parts at the same time in every situation. The heart is terrible at balancing the checkbook and the mind is pathetic at romance. Each part is important but they are good at different things.

We need to be teaching our children how to use each part to best effect for the appropriate situations. You would not use a steering wheel to replace a tire even though they are both wheels.

You nourish the body with food and exercise and in doing things. Our spirits are nourished by communion with God. The mind needs knowledge and our hearts need love. But we cannot let any of these rule our lives alone.

We rest on the Sabbath to let our bodies be renewed and immerse our spirits in The Spirit. We allow our minds to rest while we play.

Let each part of us have a time for it to lead but within proper bounds.


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