Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is TV okay?

APS Observer - Watch and Learn: "A few years earlier, the Department of Education had granted Children's Television Workshop $8 million to create educational television programs that would prepare young kids for school. The workshop was given a two-year lead time to develop a show curriculum and test the show's effectiveness before it was broadcast. The opportunity for trial, error, and retrial was an industry rarity. Traditionally, producers had created shows based on sellable ideas that could be ready to air quickly. Consultation with educators, if it happened at all, occurred after much of the groundwork had already been done. The workshop, however, had gathered a mixture of scientists and television people. Working in close collaboration on all aspects of production %u2014 from story ideas to scripts to the color of Big Bird's plumage %u2014 the team figured out how to get kids to Sesame Street, and how to keep them there."

Is watching television okay for kids? That is a very good question. The American Psychological Society looks at the question and some of the history.

We let our daughter watch a fair amount of TV, actually videos really, and we won't let her have a TV in her room. I did and we know many parents that do, but I would rather have her read more books then anything else.


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