Saturday, December 31, 2005

Leave No Gifted Child Behind

Leave No Gifted Child Behind: "Many gifted students, of course, continue to shine on standardized tests regardless of the level of instruction they receive. But whether these gifted students -- who are capable of work far above their grade level -- are being appropriately educated to develop their full potential is not shown by looking at test scores measuring only their grade-level mastery. Nor do test scores indicate whether these students are being sufficiently challenged to maintain their academic interest, an issue of particular concern in high school. Shockingly, studies establish that up to 20 percent of high school dropouts are gifted."

They say the students that do best are those that have involved parents.

What is really happening is these involved parents are doing the actual teaching and the school are just providing something to talk about at home.

If you're involved and doing most of the work anyway why keep them in school?


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