Monday, January 30, 2006

Failing to teach them how to handle real life - Sunday Times - Times Online

Failing to teach them how to handle real life - Sunday Times - Times Online: "After studying 25,000 children across both state and private schools Philip Adey, a professor of education at Kings College London confidently declares: The intelligence of 11-year-olds has fallen by three years worth in the past two decades."

This is disturbing. But the question you have to ask is:"Is the drop because of the educational system or is it something in the water/food?"

Personally I tend to think that the educational system is failing and is falling apart and it is getting more apparent all the time. Even parents that say "I'm a product of public schools, and I'm doing okay." are beginning to be leery of what is going on in schools today.


Blogger Adeil said...

I think we can not just blame the education or food. I believe there is drastic change since then. We have different standards of living, different society, different hobbies, different facilities, different entertainment means, different way of thinking, different priorities etc.

You can take the example, nowdays I found the people who might have been reading a book while traveling are listening to there iPods. I mean there are several other better and more creative things to do. May be its just me.

16 February, 2007 01:59  

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